2017 Hannover Messe

We participated at one of the world's largest industrial trade fair as an exhibitor in Hannover.

We have built a second workshop

We expanded our manufacturing and warehouse area with a new 850m2 building.

Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo - Stuttgart

We participated in the first international automotive trade fair as an exhibitor in Stuttgart on the Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo.

Entrepreneur of the year in Mezobereny

The Representative Body of our hometown awards the entrepreneur of the year from 2012. The first winners were the owners of Fabafem LLC., Mr Pal Vladar and Mr Janos Macho. The candidates were nominated by the employees.

The number of CNC lathes has reached 30.

Fabafem LLC. have consistently remained competitive by maintaining and expanding a wide variety of machinery types. The continuous developments and the reliability helped to keep the existing clients satisfied and also to increase the number of our clients over the years.

New 1650 m2 workshop

With a European Union Subsidy we have built a new modern workshop which complies with the latest requirements of the industry.

Budapest Bank Business Partner Award - Winner

Budapest Bank have organised a national competition for their clients to demonstrate the successful stability and flexibility of their businesses during the years of economic recession. A jury of expert economists selected the best six competitors for the second round where the public choose the winner by casting their vote on the selected company's video from the bank's website. The public voted Fabafem LLC. the most successful business and the winner of the competition.

The number of CNC plants has reached 12.

From 2005 the production of high quality under 20 mm diameter components became our main focus.

The first successful business with one of our most important client

We became a supplier of a global tap cartridge manufacturer company who remain our main Client to date.

Supplying for the car manufacturing industry

We began to manufacture for the car industry for Hirschmann Car Communication Gmbh. who is still one of our Client. Our main products are the electrical jacks.

Workshop extension

The Fabafem LLC. bought a new building next to the existing one (Mezobereny, Kossuth ter 9.), as the existing workshop became too small for our expanding business. Our most important aim was to develop the CNC work area.

First CNC machine

In the beginning we were working solely on latch machines until in 1998 we bought our first CNC plant. With this step we have established our profile for the future.

1. telephely

A saját családi házak melléképületeit kinőve új telephelyvásárlás történt Mezőberény, Orlai u. 12. szám alatt, mely telephely ma is tulajdonunk, jelenleg raktárként funkcionál. Területe nettó 420m2.

Cégalapítás Fábafém Bt.

Két magánszemély Machó János és Vladár Pál üzleti partnereit és műszaki eszközeit társítva saját családi házaik melléképületeiben megalapították a Fábafém Bt.-t. Névválasztás: a Fábafém a bútoripari beszállításból adódott kezdetben ugyanis leginkább fába gyártottunk fém alkatrészeket.