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More than 23 years experience into the supplier market.

More than 100.000.000 products sold.

Main industry: Electronics, Mechanical, Vehicle industry, Building construction, Pneumatics.

We are a high-volume CNC turned parts manufacturer, in volume ranging from a few thousands to millions of pieces. Our production facility covers an area of 2500 sqm, where we provide a high-quality technical environment. Production is done on 50 machines in 3 shifts, supported by our 70 employees. Typically machined raw materials are: brass, copper, free cutting steel, stainless steels, aluminium, bronze, silver and technical plastics (PEEK, POM, DELRIN, PVC, Teflon).

The core of our production is provided by our 36 CNC lathe machines (Citizen, Miyano, Hanwha), further enhanced with other special machine tools. Our machine park is young and modern, our 36 CNC lathe machines are equipped with automatic bar feeders and counter spindles, capable of machining up to 10 axes. Clients we supply to include corporations in the electronics, mechanical and vehicle industries.



  • Connectors
  • Sensors
  • Connection points
  • Antenna parts

  • Pantograph parts
  • Brushless parts
  • Connection terminals

Vehicle industry

  • Antenna parts
  • Cabel connectors
  • Compression rings

  • Relay
  • Switch

Engineering, Pneumatics

  • Cartridge of water tap parts

  • Cylinder parts

  • Valve parts